Improve your english vocabulary

The app is a more effective way to collect and study words and phrases.

Who, Why, and For Whom

Here's everything you need to know about the app:
Hi, I'm Alexander Kulikov , founder of Vocado. The idea was born while learning English, so I am solving my own problem, and maybe yours.
You have to learn the vocabulary yourself, probably with a pen and notebook. The best language learning platforms, and even tutors, don't help.
For whom
This app is for language learners (only English so far), for teachers who want to create a vocabulary for their students.
Is not
This app is not a substitute for comprehensive language learning and tutoring. The app aims to improve on one important part of the process — vocabulary.

Perfect vocabulary tools

A robust vocabulary improves all areas of communication.
A collection can contain dozens of thematic sets of words and phrases that can be customised according to your needs.
Collected in person or purchased at a store, word collections you can study through translation, listening, and writing.
Regular repetition: Improve your memory (of words you've already learned) and identify weak words.
You can customise order of each set of words to suit your needs, making learning easier and more enjoyable.
Chrome extension
When you are reading articles or news on the web, you can translate words and phrases and save them for learning.
With a teacher account, you can build your own collections for sale at the store.

Build, learn, repeat

Building a strong vocabulary with Vocado is like conjoining plastic bricks.
Collect words and phrases
The browser extension is not designed as a translator, but as a helper to collect unfamiliar words and to further study them.
Set of words
Organise words by subject and purpose and turn them on or off throughout the learning process.
Words in details
You can customise each word by adding a photo, and your own definition.
Choose what's more important
You can learn all the words in a row, or choose what you need right now.
Low price collections
With a free subscription you can buy a collection of words and phrases.
Learning process
Every minute invested in remembering words will improve your vocabulary.

Plans designed for everyone

Build your English vocabulary with Vocado.
On my own
Making education cheaper
Basic English (850 words)
Collection builder
Import CSV
Making studies easier
$6.99 / mo
All collections for free
Collection builder
Import CSV
Making teaching easier
$14.99 / mo
All collections for free
Curriculum (up to 8)
Build collections for sale
Import CSV